Whether you are developing a new product or want to enhance an existing product, we have experts to assist you thoughout the whole process. Not only can we provide important input in the various stages of product development, but also for the process itself. In the last 15 years our experts have worked in many projects in various markets. From small companies and projects to large companies and projects, your imagination is the limit. We are providing services from product market research to product specification, design and implementation strategies to verification and development process optimisation.
In addition to our consulting services for new product design we have also have been called upon many times when it came to debug systems in the final stages of development. Even though our services have been able to save various projects at this stage, it has been our experince that we can be far more effective if we can supply input at the early stage of a project. Many common mistakes in product design can be prevented and this means for you that can you can complete your project in time and within budget. In many cases we are also able to provide solutions that enable you to cut down in time and cost to develop your product.

System Integration

Adding to our consulting services we can also provide assistance in your development process with our experience developers staff. Consulting and system integration are often tied together closely. This enables us even better to help you be successful with your prodcuts in your markets. Only if you are successful we have done our job right.


Last but not least we are also offering to develop complete products or parts of products according to your specification. Our experienced development staff is not only available in Germany, but also through our Slovakian subsidiary we are able to fullfill large projects with our developers there. The most important differenciator from other Eastern European companies offering such services is that we have our experts here close to you, speaking your language, understanding your culture to work with you.
Still many projects are done by our German staff. It really depends on your requirements and preference.